– Scoop it, Count it, Weigh it, Time it.



Your Ultimate Kitchen Tool

The brief for this project was to make a kitchen food scale with one of our classmates as the imagined end user. I was assigned Alexander, a streamline and tech-loving designer that likes to keep things simple in the kitchen. The closest he came to food measuring was the occasional use of a deciliter cup and all recipes were read online from his iPad.

The thought of him even using a kitchen scale felt a bit far fetched, so I made the decision to change the product’s main function to volume measuring, and let weighing ability become secondary. I wanted to make a small, multi-measurer that you would not want to hide away in your kitchen drawers. The first big challenge was figuring out how to apply a dynamic, sporty shape to an open scoop without its contents pouring out. After hours of twisting and turning my ideas to try make my inclining sketch lines become friends with the laws of gravity, the idea of a tilting scoop hit me! Suddenly the scoop could keep both its content and its flashy design, and the concept was set…

Two Volumes
By letting the scoop stand on either its base or let it tilt back, you can decide to measure both ½ or 1 dl.

A timer is a must-have in the kitchen, and you change between functions by pressing the button on the handle. The time is displayed in the integrated LED display on the handle.

Kinetic Scoop Count
“1, 2, 3…..4? Or was it 3?” We have all been there: measuring ingredients for a recipe and suddenly being very unsure about how many dl of flour that is staring back at you from the bottom of your baking bowl. Now those days are gone! With the technology of a pedometer, SmartScoop counts the number of tilts while scooping and in that way keeps track of your measuring process. This kinetic movement also charges the scoop, meaning no battery charging/change which allows a closed, waterproof product.

Kitchen Scale
Like a hand-held luggage scale, you hang the food you want to weigh on the hook at the end of the handle and the digits are displayed on the handle.

Overall design
With the attitude of a speeding boat and the elegance of an Italian shoe, the SmartScoop is not a product you want to stow away in your kitchen drawers. You can hang it among your kitchenware thanks to its big hook, or let the Timer work as a kitchen clock by attaching SmartScoop to your kitchen fan with its magnetic base surface. Thanks to its brisk green cover, SmartScoop gives a refreshing color splash in your kitchen while matching your fresh herbs.