Enjoying that early rise

Conceptual ideation sketches


bringing fallen soldiers back to life.

Hild is the pleasant alarm clock that awakens you gently and with positive associations. Minutes before your set wake-up time, Hild starts glowing with its built-in wake-up light and right when your beeping alarm normally would go off, the murmur and aroma of coffee brewing instead fills the room, luring you towards consciousness. When done, the machine’s cope automatically rises, ready to serve you a cup of steaming, black gold – right by your bed. As the cope rises, the lamp emits a stronger light into the room to progress the awakening, and is thereby also serving as your bedside lamp.

No horrible beeps, no pitch black room and no cold floors to cross to get your day started.

The name Hild comes from the female God in the northern mythology with the same name, who was believed to have the ability to bring bring fallen soldiers back to life. Kind of like coffee.